Who We Are

A team of seasoned leaders with
community outreach, forestry, and business development skills

James Ford, Southeast Director


James Ford provides a big picture vision for conservation and outreach, forged in his lifelong involvement with NRCS, from starting out as a technician to 10 years as State Conservationist. Mr. Ford’s role is largely focused on project design and partnerships, but he also is no stranger to direct landowner assistance and helps bridge communication gaps between landowners and agency staff. His relationships across the region, from a lifetime in conservation work in the South, bring together a wide network of community leaders, resource specialists and agency partners.

Woodland Advocate and Experts Network

Our network of over 20 Woodland Advocates and Natural Resource Experts includes retired NRCS, Extension agents, private-sector foresters, and grass-roots leaders knowledgeable about community outreach, heirs property, and rural development. Project-specific teams organize on a regional basis to address diverse landowner needs from accessing EQIP and other USDA funds to implementing timber sales that generate the greatest landowner benefits to restoration and management of Longleaf Pine and other conservation practices.

Business, Media, and Administrative Specialists

Business-Media-Administrative-SpecialistsHarry Groot, NNFP’s business specialist has worked with over 200 businesses in competitiveness enhancement. Filmmaker Pradeep Edussuriya produces media to inform and inspire. Office staff administer the funds and programs to help program staff focus on the work at hand. Colin Donohue is NNFP’s Executive Director and provides broad program strategy from his 17 years in sustainable rural development and landowner outreach.

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