What We Do

Phase 1 of Southeast Forest Health and Wealth reached 1200 landowners in AL, TN, and MS

Community-Based OutreachCommunity-Based-Outreach

During the first 24 months, SEFLO reached over 1200 landowners in 4 states by way of partnership with local community organizations and leaders. Activities include field days on “showcase” woodlands owned by minority landowners; outreach workshops educating landowners about EQIP and other USDA processes, and technical sessions.

Building Rural Wealth

Building-Rural-WealthLand management is important, but rural communities need additional jobs and income. Our Forest Enterprise Roundtable process brings leaders together to identify potential small business enterprises and strategies to support their business plans and financing. Our business development staff have over 25 years experience working with forest-based and other small businesses including co-ops and social enterprises.

“Boots on the Ground”

Boots-on-the-GroundOur core team of specialists includes 5 experts with a combined 100+ years of experience in forestry, natural resource management and conservation. Beyond workshops, we do one-on-one visits, field visits
and business and management consultation. Our pilot project assisted 170 landowners with applying for EQIP or other USDA programs. We assisted 4 families in establishing LLCs to operate their property farms and facilitated individual forestry assistance for families.

Capacity Building

Community-Based-OutreachNNFP’s vision doesn’t end with our current outreach. We work to build long-term capacity for community improvement through support for grassroots leaders developing forestry knowledge and outreach skills, supporting local organizations with organizational development and fundraising, and encouraging the development of forest-based enterprises. SEFLO is working to become a robust community of leaders
and organizations across the South with hopes to continue its positive impact for decades to come.

Innovation For Impact

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Supported by, NRCS CIG and Office of Advocacy and Outreach funding, SEFLO has piloted a new approach to
landowner outreach. Pushing beyond the common model of outreach as “selling programs”, SEFLO focuses on the needs and aspirations of under-served landowners, becoming a partner not just in accessing specific programs, but also in using land to create wealth and improve family and community well-being.

You can see some of the communities and families we have touched. The red shading is high-poverty counties. with 150% or 200% of the national average.

Innovative Communication Tools

Whether walking landowners through the EQIP sign-up process with informational videos or distributing informational hand-fans at country churches, SEFLO is progressive in using creative means to interest and engage audiences.

Woodland Advocates

15 Advocates from 4 states have been identified and brought into the outreach network. We aim to have 5-10 advocates per state who are able to conduct workshops and outreach activities. These local leaders are the glue that help hold landowners together as a community that shares information and works together.

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