What is the Sustainable Woods Network?

This site was developed to help people like you locate wood products that will have a positive impact on the world.

Local products can support rural economies, help sustain forested landscapes threatened with development, and can reduce the environmental impact of shipping goods from far off locations.

Green Certified wood, like FSC certified wood, can contribute to improved forest management practices, allowing forests to grow faster than they are being cut.

Purchasing wood from Forest Restoration projects can support projects that help restore old-growth, or mature, forest structure and can help damaged ecosystems become healthier and more resilient.

This site is a means for making connections.  It can help you make a positive impact, and help producers provide goods that help the woods.

If you want a product, search for it, and if you don’t find it, tell us what you wanted!

If you know of a sustainable wood producer who is not listed, let us know!

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NNFP It is the kind of thing that TreeHugger loves, an organization that supports "people who are deeply committed to the dream of a world where rural people have good living-wage jobs, communities are inclusive and democratic, and where forests are sustained and not depleted."
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