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Vermont Woods Studios features Eco Friendly Practices from Lyndon Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios carries several different, sustainable-sourced, Vermont-made furniture lines. They recently interviewed Lyndon Furniture about their eco-friendly practices. Lyndon Furniture is considered one of America's greenest furniture companies.

New Taffy Mirrors by David Hurwitz, David Hurwitz Originals

David Hurwitz has been making "Taffy" wall mirrors for 12 years, in a variety of sizes and woods. They have been a part of two different shows over the years, including a traveling exhibition.

O'Neill Pine Company, A Northwest Certified Forestry Member

O'Neill Pine Company is a Northwest Certified Forestry Member as well as a Sustainable Woods Network member. The forest management practices Richard and Debra employ are meant to maintain the health and density of the forests well into the future. Additionally, Richard and Debra use solar power at one of their offices, and Richard drives an electric car.

What Is FSC Certified?

FSC stands for The Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization "established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests." They are a non-governmental and not-for-profit created in 1993 to address global deforestation. Read more about the mission of FSC and their certification.

Evergreen Land Trust--a Northwest Certified Forestry member

In addition to individual business, the Sustainable Woods Network has member organizations that represent several businesses as well.Northwest Certified Forestry represents several small woodland owners throughout the Northwest. Members meet FSC Pacific Coast Standards and provide a wide-range of products. The Evergreen Ecoforestry program of Evergreen Land Trust in Deming, Wash. is featured in this NCF profile.
When you give gifts made from local and sustainable wood you’re not just giving objects of beauty and usefulness, you’re also giving the gift of healthy forests, clean water, and clean air.”
Colin Donohue - NNFP