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8 North Court St.
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Community and Non-Profit Organization Member Benefits

Here at NNFP we understand that the work of a community group or non-profit is never done.

You do important work.
That’s why we are happy to provide you with these great benefits to save you time and money.


  • NNFP saves you valuable time by providing funding leads and opportunities. As well as a web series presented by grant program administrators.
  • Get re-energized and refocused by connecting with other innovators across the country at  NNFP’s Annual meeting and conference.
  • Save time and money by connecting with your peers and learning what works and what doesn't’t work, encourage each other, and have opportunities to collaborate with each other.
Group at 2008 Rural Assembly in Washington DC.

Technical Assistance

  • NNFP can help you develop a stronger grant proposal which means money for your organization. In the past year we’ve assisted 3 other organizations with grant proposals, which were all funded.

Join today by paying your $100 Annual Membership Dues ($60 for organizations with less than 5 employees.) and begin receiving all these great benefits immediately!

But more importantly, join today to be a part of a movement of people working toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Learn more about membership levels and dues.

Information and Education

  • Learn new strategies for sustainable community forestry projects from your very own desk by attending one of NNFP’s many online training opportunities, saving you money and time on travel.
  • Stay up to date on the latest trends in community forestry and community organizing with NNFP’s quarterly email newsletter, full of breaking news, upcoming events, policy initiatives, and more.
  • Convenient, time saving one-stop for information and resources on everything from policy, to grassroots fundraising and grant writing, to community development models and more.


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National Network of Forest Practitioners · 8 North Court St., Suite 411 · Athens, OH 45701 · 740-593-8733