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Calling All Forest Practitioners and Innovators

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Create Jobs in the Alabama Black Belt 2014




This project is to put in place a small loan fund to help a high poverty community create local jobs. This is a pilot phase of a more robust povery alleviation effort.

This project focuses in the  ”Black Belt” region of Alabama . High poverty rates among African American residents, and few job opportunities leave youth nothing to do but leave.

To build opportunities for local youth, and help break the cycle of poverty, we have undertaken a deep, and long-term effort to create local small businesses from the lands and local resources of the Black Belt. This work with help improve stewardship of the land, increase efficient use of local resources and provide a variety of employment and business leadership opportunities for local youth.

Our first Crowdrise project is a $3500 pilot project utilizing waste wood from a manufacturer in West Alabama to create Fatwood kindling bundles for sale at campgrounds, grocery stores, and everywhere families use firewood for heat or enjoyment.

The funds will be given to TUCCA (The United Christian Community Association), a local community-based organization in Linden Alabama.  The funds will be put into the firewood pilot project.  Through initial sales the funds will be recovered and put into a venture pool at TUCCA, to be used for further community-based business efforts.
After this test-market phase we will be developing a business plan for wide-scale distribution which will provide livelihoods for many families in West Alabama and beyond.



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