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8 North Court St.
Suite 411
Athens, OH 45701

Planned Giving - Bequests

Friends can support our vital economic development work by including National Network Forest Practitioners in their estate plans. Bequests of any size are gratefully accepted.

You will be helping create sustainable jobs, forests, and communities when you name National Network of Forest Practitioners to receive:

  • A specific dollar amount,
  • A percentage of your estate's value,
  • All or part of the remainder of your estate in your will or trust, or
  • All or part of the proceeds of a Life Insurance policy or Retirement Plan.

We urge you to consult your attorney in preparing your will and hope that the following language will be helpful in providing a bequest to NNFP:

"After fulfilling all other provisions for my heirs, I give, devise and bequeath ___% of what remains of my estate (or $_______) to the National Network of Forest Practitioners (85-0457950 Tax ID #), a charitable corporation presently having offices at 8 North Court St. Suite 412, Athens, OH 45701."

Your advisor may wish to know that NNFP is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation organized and existing under the laws of Ohio and its federal tax ID number is 85-0457950.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can NNFP help me draft my will?
We can suggest language you might use in leaving a bequest to NNFP. Beyond that, we cannot draft, review or edit Will documents. Since we are not tax accountants or attorneys, we cannot provide legal advice. We encourage you to seek the advice of an attorney to be sure that your Will is drafted with your best interests in mind.

Can NNFP act as my executor?
No. To do so could be considered a conflict of interest nor does NNFP have the staffing or resources needed to perform executor duties for individuals.

Can NNFP act as trustee of my charitable trust?
Yes, under certain circumstances. NNFP must be named irrevocable beneficiary and the value of assets must meet certain minimum values depending on the asset used. We can also assist in preparing the trust document, although you need to obtain separate legal counsel to be sure your best interests are appropriately represented.

Can I leave a bequest of property for NNFP to preserve?
NNFP does not have the resources to hold and manage land. We would be happy to explore this option if funds were available to cover these costs. Our focus would be on use of the property for training and demonstration purposes and sustainable management- utilizing wood from the land in a sustainable long-term manner
Please contact us for assistance. We are happy to help without any obligation.


National Network of Forest Practitioners · 8 North Court St., Suite 411 · Athens, OH 45701 · 740-593-8733