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8 North Court St.
Suite 411
Athens, OH 45701
Email: info@nnfp.org

About NNFP

We are about rural communities.

Faced with the challenge of making a living wage and also caring for our natural resources, steeped in traditions and history, connected to the land.

We are about healthy economies.

Working with others to create meaningful jobs, jobs where someone can get an honest day's pay for an honest day's work.

Ozark Mountain Landscape

Pond near forest-People and Land Photo Project

We are about healthy forests.

Forests and ecosystems that thrive and are strengthened by sound management and planning.

We are about providing support.

For the many innovators out there in sustainable community forestry who are creating new jobs, making a living in the woods, and restoring the environment.

We support people who are deeply committed to the dream of a world where rural people have good living-wage jobs, communities are inclusive and democratic, and where forests are sustained and not depleted.

We are about change.

The focus of NNFP is to help catalyze development of sustainable forest economies in rural America. By supporting our member businesses and organizations in developing jobs in sustainable forestry and natural resources management, NNFP can help shift the rural economy to more sustainable activities and help focus resources on initiatives that maintain or enhance natural assets, build local ownership, and broaden economic prosperity.

To learn more about NNFP's theory of change and how we do it, please take a look at our Strategic Plan.

National Network of Forest Practitioners · 8 North Court St., Suite 411 · Athens, OH 45701 · 740-593-8733